VOICE stands for Victor’s Outreach In Children’s Education.  We are a parent-led organization dedicated to empowering VCS families to address a broad range of physical, social, emotional, behavioral and learning needs.

Our membership includes parents, educators, and administrators of children that have:

anxiety, auditory processing challenges, communication challenges, depression, different learning styles, difficulty making friends, excess energy, fine motor delays, focus challenges, gross motor delays, intense interests, obsessive compulsive behaviors, physical challenges, quirky behaviors, sensory processing challenges, speech delays, vision challenges…


creativity, dreams, goals, hopes, opinions, passions, senses of humor, tenacity, unique ideas, and potential…

Our purpose is to help our children reach their fullest potential by:

  • Fostering open and positive COMMUNICATION regarding our children’s needs
  • Offering a support and resource NETWORK for families
  • Being a forum for NEW IDEAS, initiatives, and strategies to support our children’s needs
  • Improving ADVOCACY skills for all of our VCS families and children.

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